About Us

Hi there!

I will preface this by saying I'm absolutely terrible at talking about myself. I ramble a lot. This page is here just in case you want to know about why & how The Exmoor Candle Company LTD. (previously known as The Waverley Candle Company) came to be.


My name is Aisha, I'm a married mum of two young girls, and I live in Porlock, Somerset. When I started out we actually lived in Aylesbury, Bucks (my hometown!) and then in June 2022 we moved to Minehead. We had been living in & running our B&B in Minehead for just under a year, along with my husband, my mum and my step-dad. Unfortunately this didn’t work out.


Whilst working at the B&B I started trying to get my name out there a bit and I managed to score a spot at the amazing Minehead Farmers’ Market and I had a stall there every week until March 2023. I decided that I wanted to have my own physical store to have as my creative hub, and the universe must have heard me because now I run Exmoor Emporium with the most amazing woman named Tilly! 2024 is shaping up to be a year of growth for us and I can't wait.


So back to it - I actually started making candles because the lady I used to buy mine from in my hometown stopped making them. I bought myself a candle making kit (something I've wanted to do since I was a kid!) and it was love at first try. Since then I have been constantly striving to create the best quality soy wax candles I can possibly make, whilst also being as eco-conscious as I can be. That's why I'm really proud of my products being plastic-free.


This is where it gets a bit serious, and honestly feel free to skip this bit if you want to.

I'm here doing this because I need to for the sake of my mental health. After the birth of my youngest, my mental health took a major nosedive and honestly I'm amazed I'm here today. Initially I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression, but we've found that I actually suffer from regular ol' depression and have done for years... actually, ever since I can remember.

While I am a lot better now, some days it's still hard to even get out of bed. I also really struggle with impostor syndrome and I can’t believe that I can create products that people actually want!

I feel like flourish when I'm meeting new people and chatting about absolutely nothing. I'm here for kindness and empowerment - and I hope my kindness can help someone who is going through a tough time because let's face it, we all know how it feels. 

So when I say thank you for your support, I really really do mean it. Even if you spot me in the shop and just stop for a chat it means the world to me!


I'm going to continue trying to be the best I can be, releasing new creations, and passing the love around. I hope you can join me in doing the same.